About Me

Catherine is a generous health centre receptionist who suffers from a severe phobia of butterflies.

~ A Biography ~

Catherine Naomi Jones is a 25-year-old health centre receptionist who enjoys working on cars, charity work and painting. She is generous and energetic, but can also be very untrustworthy and a bit greedy.

She is a Scottish Jedi who defines herself as pansexual. She didn’t finish school. She has phobias of butterflies and clowns

Physically, Catherine is slightly overweight but otherwise in good shape. She is very short with olive skin, brown hair and green eyes. She has buck teeth.

She grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. After her father died when she was young, she was raised by her mother

She is currently single. Her most recent romance was with a builder called Logan Blake Reeves, who was the same age as her. They broke up because Catherine found Logan’s political views too conservative.

Catherine’s best friend is a health centre receptionist called Alastair Harrison. They get on well most of the time. She also hangs around with Tommy Lindsay and Elliott Richards. They enjoy planking together.